Welcome to the New Mexico Tech Off-Road Club

General Information

The New Mexico Tech Off-Road Club (NMTORC) begain in 2002. The club is open to NMT students, faculty, and staff in addition to anyone interested in responsible Off-Highway Vehicle fun in the greater Socorro, NM area.


The club is very active and participates in both on-campus events as well as our own off-campus offroad trips. In early 2005, the club entered a cooperative agreement with the Bureau of Land Management to assist in the mapping of trails in the Gordy's Hill OHV Area. This agreement persists today, and club members continue to participate in the mapping effort, as well as activities that are mutually beneficial to the BLM and the local OHV community.


Club meetings take place weekly on Thursday Nights at 9pm in Workman 101 (on the NMT Campus). All are welcome to our weekly meetings.

Trail Runs

Club trail runs usually take place weekly or bi-weekly. The trail runs are typically discussed at our weekly meetings.


In addition to scheduled trail runs, the club organizes the annual New Mexico Tech Mudbog, which takes place the Saturday of Spring Fling, typically held in early April.

Other Events

NMTORC also organizes BBQs and other student events. As a part of the extended club activities, NMTORC has been granted access to one side of the Mini Baja Shop, which functions as a club repair and modification garage. A communal supply of tools are provided to any member in addition to the help and advice of the veteran wheelers.

Club Information

We are working to build a current list of members.
Additional club history and information may be found here.
Our club constitution is also available on this site.

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